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When Saving Face Is More Than Just A Matter of Pride For Men

“Do I really need to cleanse, tone and moisturize?”; “Isn’t water and soap sufficient?”; “It’s so cumbersome.” These are the typical answers you will get when posing skin care questions to a group of men. You can call them nerds, skin care idiots or grooming junkies. Do you belong to any of them?

Let’s share a few tips on “saving” the face of yours if you have not done so.

You can throw away the bath soap that you have been using all this while. They are hurting your face. Ouch! No matter what skin type you have, you have to clean your face every day. An oily complexion needs and can tolerate a stronger cleanser. As for dry skin, the drier your skin, the creamier your cleanser should be. A cleanser should be as chemical free as possible. And remember do not over-wash your face. You should cleanse no more than twice a day as over-washing will stimulate your oil glands, making our skin even slicker.

Michele Probst, founder of the Menaji product line and internationally known make-up artist, stated that toning helps keep your face clear and firm. As skin ages, it needs to work harder to maintain its elasticity. Astringents and toners with glycolic or alpha hydroxyl acids work the best for toning the face. These acids can reduce the pore size, and help avoid ingrown hairs.

After shaving, you need a moisturizer to smooth on your skin. Choose one that has absolutely no alcohol in it. Moisturizer protects your skin’s top layer by holding in water, making the skin on your face more supple. Moisturizer formulated with alpha hydroxyl acids appears to make your skin look smoother and brighter. Some moisturizers do have skin-rejuvenating properties, like Retin-A, which can be used to treat acne and fight wrinkles.

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