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Grooming your hands and nails.

Caring for your hands
Your hands other than your face are the most exposed part of your body. They are always subjected to harsh treatment and are constantly exposed to harsh environmental elements. Your hands are always in contact with sunlight, air and water on a daily basis. All these exposure will have an impact on the texture of your hands. If not taken care of, your hands will end up aging faster than your face. They will be unsightly and rough to touch.

Most of the time when you wash your hands, you are probably using bar soap that will dry out the skin on your hands. This will make any calluses you have on your hand even more prominent. Caring for your hand is actually a simple process.

Firstly, try washing your hands using an exfoliating scrub at least once daily, preferably at night. Other than removing dead skin cells, they will cut through dirt and oils trapped in your skin. Do remember to rinse and dry your hands thoroughly.

The second important step of caring for your hands would be to apply a hand moisturizer to your clean hands. Moisturizer will nourish the skin and preserve the natural moisture that your skin produces. Proper moisturizing will give you a smooth and healthy skin. They will also minimize the feel of calluses which you may have built up from exercising or other form of activities.

It is also wise to apply moisturizer to your hands every morning after showering. If possible, try to use one with a built in sunscreen. If your hands are constantly exposed to air conditioning, it would be good if you can reapply the moisturizer on your hands as and when it’s necessary to reduce the drying effect of air conditioning on your skin.

Groom your nails
An area of personal grooming that is often overlooked or neglected by men. Even though the skin is probably the most noticeable part of the hands, the nails can be seen more than you might think. This is especially so if you shave hands with someone, writing or typing on a keyboard. Having nice and neatly manicured nails can have a subtle impression that gives you a well groomed and polished look. Great looking nails are just a few steps away.

Step one is to buy a good and quality clipper to trim your nails. It is important not to trim the nails too short. A good rule of thumb is to leave a bit of the nail plate extending past the nail bed. This means, leaving a bit of fingernail extending past the part of your nail that is no longer secured to the skin underneath.

Step two is to use a nail filer to smooth out the rough edges. Try to make the tip of the nail as round as possible. This will let the nail grow out evenly and gives the nail a more finished look.

Final step to finish off your DIY manicure is to use a cuticle pusher that can be found on your nail clipper. It is the small flat piece with a slight rounded hook on the tip. Use this tool to push the skin around the base of the nail back under itself while your hands are still warm after a hot shower. If you want to remove irrelevant skin that may be sticking up around the cuticle, use a cuticle trimmer or a pair of high quality tweezers.

Go for your manicure
For a more serious grooming of your hands and nails, have a manicure performed by a professional. Not a bad way to pamper yourself. After you had a professional to do a proper manicure on your hands, maintenance will be so much easier later on.

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