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Five fashion mistakes most women make.

...and how to fix them

You would never dream of making an obvious fashion faux pas (Seamed hose with sandals? Never!)

But even dedicated fashionistas sometimes run the risk of making style snafus.

Here are fashion traps to avoid, with the fixes listed at the end of each:

1. Relying too heavily on the fashion media.

You buy all the fashion magazines religiously, watch awards shows, read the paper and keep up with all the online sources. How could that be a mistake?

By relying too heavily on the media to rule your wardrobe, you run the risk of being a fashion victim.

Remember: most magazines and TV programs about fashion produce an "aspirational" effect. They present you with fabulous clothes you'll want to buy on fabulous models you'll want to look like.

The problem is that a) you probably can't afford any of the clothes they show and b) you're never going to look like a supermodel or a celebrity.

Solution: Better ways to develop style

2. Buying clothes that don't fit.

You probably already know that you should NEVER buy something too small, thinking you'll lose weight -- even if it is a $10 Pucci dress you picked up off eBay.

But did you know that little details like the length of your jacket sleeves or the place your pants hem rest can make or break an outfit?

The best way to get perfect fit is to have a tailor alter the garment.

Solution: How your clothes should really fit

3. Creating a mish-mash wardrobe by buying odds and ends.

Buying up odds and ends on sale may seem to make sense. After all, the easy availability of off-price merchandise has lulled us into thinking that minor purchases won't blow our wardrobe concept or budget.

Actually, it's the little things that kill your wardrobe. Without a plan, you can end up with tons of clothes and nothing to wear. But it's never to late to change your habits

Solution: Always have something to wear

4. Getting stuck in a style rut.

Sticking with classics has been conventional style wisdom for ages, and for women with full lives and limited resources this is still a sure way to investment dressing.

The problem is that as we grow older, we sometimes become a little too comfortable wearing our old standbys (or just doing "replenishment" shopping each season).

Sometimes all it takes is tweaking the basics that you already own to look fabulous.

Solution: How to keep your look up-to-date

5. Choosing the wrong undergarments.

Celebrities get stuffed and tucked into heavy-duty body trimmers, push-up bras, even sticky tape to look good in designer dresses for the red carpet.

Just think what the right bra or support-top pantyhose could do for us mere mortals.

In addition to gravity-defying bras and body slimmers that eliminate lumps and bumps, there are other tricks of the trade.

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